Dungeons & Dragons (5e) - Watch us play through the Lost Mine of Phandelver in our web series' Dungeon Gamers' - A group of film maker friends who have never previously played D&D give a beginners perspective to how you might play! Our love for Dungeons & Dragons started after we all watched and fell in love with the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. We film Dungeon Gamers completely on our own in our spare time with no budget whatsoever - we even make all the costumes and props, so if you enjoy what we do and want to help, consider donating via our Patreon page to help us continue bringing our story to life. The story is the official Dungeons and Dragons Starter Pack 'Lost Mine of Phandelver' Originally, we never intended to record our games but after our first session we decided it was so much fun that we filmed the next one, made a 'Prologue' to catch people up with the small amount that had already happened, and here we are with the first of many more to come! OK! It's not played 100% accurately (we’re well aware, so no haters please) but it's full of silly references, cut aways, green screen action LARPing and much more! Please note - bad language is occasionally used. Enjoy!